Oriental Rug Cleaning Company in Media, PA

When it comes to restoring your well-loved oriental rug, you can rely on Paoli Rug for professional care. We bring over six decades of experience in the art of oriental rug restoration. Our experts provide oriental rug cleaning and repair services in Media, PA, helping local residents preserve these fine works of art. Whether your rug has become soiled through an accident or through natural wear and tear, our team can help restore its original appearance.

We personalize our rug cleaning services in Media, PA, catering to the unique needs of each client. Our process is comprehensive, covering everything from spot treatment to full-length deep cleaning. We can remove dirt, grime, pet urine, and odors from your oriental rug. Through our initial inspection, we will assess your rug for stains, mold, and fading to determine the best course of action. Our oriental rug cleaning company in Media, PA, guarantees the proper treatment of your rug using quality cleaning solutions. We tailor our rug cleaning strategy on a case-by-case basis, preventing discoloration and damage. Contact us today to learn more!


Media, PA Oriental Rug Repair Services

Paoli, PA Oriental Rug Repair Services

If your rug has been damaged, our team at Paoli Rug can assist you with our oriental rug repair services in Media, PA. We cover all kinds of damage including fraying, tearing, fading, and more. We repair each rug by hand, offering unparalleled detail and personalization. Whether your oriental rug needs to be re-weaved, bound, stitched, or re-fringed, our team is here to help.

After suffering water damage, your oriental rug may be damaged and its appearance may be altered. Our oriental rug repair company in Media, PA, offers mildew removal and color-correction to help revert these damages and revitalize your rug’s appearance. We treat every rug as if it were our own, guaranteeing a spectacular transformation.

With our rug repair services, we offer protective measures that keep your oriental rug safe through years of use. These rugs are delicate, requiring periodic upkeep in order to preserve their condition. With the help of Paoli Rug, you can ensure your oriental rug maintains its appearance and integrity for decades to come.