Oriental Rug Cleaning in Malvern PA

Paoli Rug Company is the company to turn to if you are looking for cleaning services for oriental rugs that are both reliable and performed by trained professionals in Malvern, Pennsylvania. We have more than 65 years of experience in the rug cleaning industry and provide a variety of services to meet your specific needs, such as removal of mold and mildew, removal of stains, correction of color bleeding, prevention of discoloration and browning, prevention of spot cleaning, removal of pet odor and waste, and more.

If you own an Oriental rug that is dirty and needs to be cleaned, you should give some thought to enlisting the assistance of a professional rug cleaning business. The use of a professional oriental rug cleaning company comes with a number of advantages, some of which are as follows: your rug will be cleaned by specialists who are familiar with the correct way to clean Oriental rugs; your rug will be cleaned using the most up-to-date equipment and methods, and your rug will be cleaned in an environment that is both clean and safe. In no time at all, we will have your rug in Malvern, Pennsylvania looking and smelling just like it did when you first bought it, and we are always delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding the cleaning procedure. Paoli Rug Company will take care of your oriental rug with the utmost professionalism.

Malvern PA Oriental Rug Cleaning

Malvern PA

Oriental Rug Cleaning

The Paoli Rug Company, which is located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, is the business that should be contacted if you own a gorgeous Oriental rug that is in need of repair. Because we are skilled in the art of repairing oriental rugs, we are able to bring back the rug’s former splendor.

Before beginning the process of repair and restoration, we first evaluate the type of damage so that we can select the appropriate method and approach for the work. For instance, if the rug has a burn on it, we will need to apply a different method of repair than if the rug has a hole in it. This is because the two types of damage require quite different approaches. If the rug is torn, we will need to use a different procedure than if the fringe is unraveling. If the fringe is unraveling, we can use the same method. After we have identified the nature of the damage, we will be able to select the most appropriate approach and strategy for repairing it.

Paoli Rug Company has been serving the Malvern, Pennsylvania area with its Oriental rug repair services for more than sixty-five years. All varieties of Oriental rugs can benefit from our expertise in reweaving, restoration, binding edge reinforcement, stitching of tears and cuts, hand serging (side), machine serging (side), and overcasting (end protection). We are aware of the value of your Oriental rug and will devote the necessary amount of time to ensure that it is correctly repaired. Simply give us a call at 610.644.7250 to arrange a time for your complimentary consultation.