Oriental Rug Cleaning in Devon PA

Look no further than the specialists at Paoli Rug Company for professional and dependable oriental rug cleaning services in Devon, PA. We have over 65 years of experience in the rug cleaning industry and can satisfy all of your demands, including mold and mildew treatment, stain removal, color bleeding correction, discoloration prevention, browning prevention, spot cleaning, pet odor and waste removal, and more.

If you have an Oriental rug that needs to be cleaned, you should consider hiring a professional rug cleaning service. There are numerous advantages to hiring a professional oriental rug cleaning company, including having your rug cleaned by experts who understand how to clean Oriental rugs, having your rug cleaned with cutting-edge equipment and techniques, and having your rug cleaned in a safe and clean environment. We’ll have your Devon, PA rug looking and smelling like new in no time, and we’re always delighted to answer any questions you have regarding the procedure. Paoli Rug Company will look after your oriental rug!

Devon PA Oriental Rug Cleaning

Devon PA

Oriental Rug Cleaning

The Paoli Rug Company in Devon, Pennsylvania is the place to bring a gorgeous Oriental rug in need of restoration. We are specialists in oriental rug restoration and can return your rug to its former splendor.

Prior to beginning the repair and restoration process, we assess the type of damage to select the appropriate repair method and approach. For instance, if the rug has been burned, a different form of repair will be required than if the rug has a hole. If the rug is ripped, we must use a different procedure than if the fringe is unraveling. After identifying the nature of the damage, we may then establish the most effective approach and strategy for repairing it.

Since more than 65 years ago, Paoli Rug Company has offered Oriental rug repair services in the Devon, Pennsylvania area. We specialize in the Reweaving, Restoration, Binding Edge Reinforcement, Stitching of tears and cuts, Hand Serging (side), Machine Serging (side), and Overcast (end protection) of all varieties of Oriental carpets. We recognize the importance of your Oriental rug and will take the time to restore it correctly. To schedule a free consultation, contact us at 610.644.7250 right away.