Oriental Rug Cleaning in Coatesville, PA

If your oriental rug has become worn down through years of wear and tear, you can rely on Paoli Rug Company for a complete restoration. We offer oriental rug cleaning and repair services in Coatesville, PA. With over 65 years in the business, we guarantee exceptional service with every transaction. Our company recognizes the unique value of each oriental rug and we provide the specialized attention they deserve.

As a professional rug cleaning company in Coatesville, PA, we utilize only the highest quality materials that ensure a deep clean without compromising the integrity or color of your rug. Our rug cleaners inspect each rug to determine the best course of action. Whether it has trapped dirt over years of consistent usage or become soiled from pet urine, we offer an efficient renewal. 

We recognize that each rug has unique care requirements, and we provide personalized rug cleaning services to ensure each rug receives an optimal treatment. From spot cleaning to sanitization, we can do it all. Our rug cleaners in Coatesville, PA, guarantee an unparalleled deep cleaning. We treat each rug as if it were our own, working diligently to remove any stains or dirt. Contact us today to learn more or to consult with one of our local rug cleaning experts.



Coatesville, PA Oriental Rug Repairs

Coatesville, PA Oriental Rug Repairs

In addition to rug cleaning, Paoli Rug Company also offers oriental rug repair services in Coatesville, PA. Through these services, we can restore any damages that have developed over the years. Whether your rug is torn, frayed, or faded, our team can provide an effective solution. 

Our rug repair professional can revitalize any rug to its original quality. We boast an extensive list of rug repair services in Coatesville, PA, including reweaving, binding, stitching, refringing, color-run correction, and more. It is not uncommon for oriental rugs to become damaged over the years. We not only offer rug repairs, but rug reinforcement to improve the longevity of your furniture. 

We approach each repair on a case by case basis. In an initial consultation, we will evaluate the damages to determine the most efficient repair method. With our services, you can guarantee individualized care from a rug repair expert. Call today to discuss your oriental rug repair needs in Coatesville, PA.